Grasping at Straws

Hello everyone! I know this is a long shot, but if you are reading this, and I knew you “back in the day”, you should send me an email @ Please and thank you!

hello ladies and gentlemen! its robby and guess what? i am going to be on a lot more and make the occasional video! i got sick of penguin so i got my name changed back to robby! i swear i will be on a lot and post a lot cause i have a lot more time, now that its summer. if you are still my friend and still come to our site, leave a comment!

no more robby

hey guys,

im really sorry i havent been on. but i have something i need to tell you guys. i have changed my clubpenguin username. instead of robby002 it is now Penguin22869714!  and since i have a new penguin name i have a new wordpress. ill make another  post with more info but yeah!


hey srry i havnt posted in a while….well anyway iv decided to let the winners of the contest [kirby and sparkels] to CHOOSE their prize. so just leave a comment of what you guys want and ill give it to ya!

new mission

hey people

i have been trying to get the video of the new mission on here but it wont load onn youtube??? any other video works but this one doesnt? anyway ill keep trying. and since only two people entered any of my contests i guess that…..THEY BOTH WIN! no losers right? congratz to sparkels and kirby!


hey guys

now that i finially know how to make videos the right way ill make a new page about videos. my youtube channel is robbyoo2cp (not zeros) and i will most likely be making a video every day to every other day. all my videos will go in this page. some will be about new catalogs, others new mission cheats. depends. i will also take requests for vids.